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new! Now also available in a convenient, sanitary squeeze tube!

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Waterblocker Skin Cream
Naturally, Handmade with Beeswax.   SAFE for all ages.

Waterblocker is a hand-made, waterproof, natural beeswax skin cream for the whole body.  It stops dry, cracked hands by protecting the natural oil in the skin from being removed by constant washing or by other antagonists such as paper, cardboard and fabrics.  Great for rough, cracked heals, runners use to prevent blistering and hot spots.  Use on face as a moisturizer and to preserve the natural oil in your face. Long lasting - one application lasts most users all day!!  It is safe for children - use on diaper rash and to prevent rash from occurring.  Use as a safe, natural  deodorant for underarm and feet.  Bacteria that cause odor can't grow in beeswax!!  It also stops itch, burn and sting.  Use on insect bites, poison ivy, rashes, burns, etc. to stop the itch, burn and sting.  Use on skin conditions that exhibit itch, burn or sting or are dry and scaly or red.  Use on pet's hot spots to stop itching and scratching and promote rapid healing!!  No scent, non-greasy, long lasting.

Especially effective for anyone who must wash hands many times each day or who must handle materials which dry out the skin such as fabric, paper, cardboard, gardening dirt or cold, dry winter weather.  Waterblocker prevents the loss of oil from the skin regardless of what the skin is exposed to and thus prevents the damage which would normally occur under such conditions.  Skin that is already damaged will heal quickly and the damage will NOT return with regular use of Waterblocker.

If you are one of the millions of people who suffer from chronic dry skin problems, you have probably tried dozens of remedies, and they all failed to help your problem!  For that reason, Honey Guy personally guarantees you will be satisfied with Waterblocker or he will refund the entire amount you paid including shipping and he will send you the postage to return the unused portion of your order!  That is how sure Honey Guy is that Waterblocker will work for you!!

So don't be discouraged.  Let Mother Nature's marvelous honey bee have a shot at solving your problem.  With the unconditional Honey Guy guarantee, you've got nothing to lose!  Even the ancient Egyptians made beeswax skin cream over 4,000 years ago.  It could have been Cleopatra's secret to keeping her face and skin looking young and bee-autiful!  Nothing is more time-tested and proven than natural beeswax skin cream - and Honey Guy puts more beeswax in his products than any other manufacturer!  The other ingredients are distilled water, food-grade mineral oil and the natural mineral, Borax as the binder which turns the mixture into a cream.  A fourth grader can read and understand the label!   Not many other products can say that.

Simple, Safe, Effective - Waterblocker Skin Cream

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Delivery time is usually 2-4 days anywhere in the United States via USPS priority mail.  If you need delivery via UPS please place your order by phone.

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Stops dry, cracked hands and feet.

Stops itch, burn & sting.

Safe for children and animals.

Water-proof!! Protects hands from damage by water, cleansers, dirt, grease, latex....for hours.

Morning application lasts most people ALL DAY!

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1/2oz Pocket/Purse Waterblocker $2.50

(Tip: Re-fill it out of your jar or tube so you always have Waterblocker in your pocket or purse!!)



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4 OZ jar  $12.00


Save money with larger sizes. 

An 8oz jar has the same amount of cream as two 4oz jars...but for $4.00 LESS!!

A 16oz jar has the same amount of cream as four 4oz jars...bur for $15 LESS!!! 

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8 OZ  jar  $20.00

(save $4 compared to two 4 oz  jars )



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16 OZ jar $33.00

(save $15 compared to four 4oz jars)


Honey Guy



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4 OZ TUBE  $12.00

Water separation in tubes - please read before purchasing


Does your cream look different than you expected or different than the last time you bought it?

It's ok!

Read here to learn why.

Travel Pack

For the traveler, outdoorsmen, sports enthusiast, gardener, etc. Everything you need when you are traveling or out-of-doors!

Includes Waterblocker, Bite Free, Beeswax Bandage and your choice of Unscented or  Honey Scented Beeswax Lip Balm in 1/2 ounce round, screw top aluminum containers all housed in a larger aluminum container


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Waterproof aluminum containers include Waterblocker Skin Cream, Bite Free Skin Cream, Beeswax Bandage, and your choice of unscented or Honey scented lip balm.  Everything the traveler or outdoorsman needs to protect him or herself!!


Delivery time is usually 2-4 days.  Check our Show Schedule to see show dates. 

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